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Biomass is used for heating and as fuel for boilers

LEC Energy is currently supplying all kinds of biomass in general from 20 factories in Vietnam. In addition, we are willing to supply biomass up to 50,000 BDMT per vessel at competitive prices.

We supply high quality wood pellets: Diameter error is 1mm, wood pellet moisture content: <=10%, pellet weight density: >=600kg/m3, mechanical strength: 96.5% , low chemical element content.

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Wood pellets is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels, Its production and use also brings additional environmental and social benefits.

  1. Wood pellets can be produced with a low moisture content ( below 10% ) that allows them to burned with a very high combustion efficiency.
  2. Wood pellets can replaces fossil fuel in power plants, stoves, boiler , ...
  3. Wood pellets Packing by 650 kgs/Jumbo , 50kg/PP bag or Bulk into container.
Rice husk pellets
vien nen cui trau

With 1kg of rice husk pellets, it will provide energy equivalent to 0.9kg of coal (with a calorific value of 5,200 kilocalories, containing no sulfur gas, so it does not pollute the environment). Rice husk pellet boiler technology is similar to coal-fired boiler technology, so it does not need to invest a lot of money.


Pellets are compressed wood in a standardized cylindrical form that are manufactured from untreated scrap wood (shavings, offcuts, etc.) without using chemical binding agents. In comparison to log wood and wood chips, pellets have the greater thermal value.


Biomass and wood chips for heating are usually natural pieces of chopped up wood from wood choppers (using<br /> blades, not blunt tools)

Our products


Wood Shaving

Shavings are generated in wood processing plants (e.g. sawmills, joineries) as byproducts and waste products in the processing of wood.

Rice husks
Vỏ trấu

Rice husks are used for steam generation, heat generation, bioelectricity generation, construction materials, water purification equipment, rice husk ash as fertilizer.

Cashew shell residue

Cashew shell residue is the residue obtained after pressing the cashew nutshell to get cashew oil. This residue is used as a cheap boiler fuel with high heat up to 4800 Kcal. Cashew shell residue is a flammable substance, easily mixed with chips and other burning materials to accelerate the boiler's heat. Therefore, cashew residue is often used as a fuel to replace other fuels such as coal, firewood, rice husk ... Currently, cashew nut-fired boilers are also being used very widely because of their low cost and abundant supply all year round.

Sugarcane Bagasse. Close up of bagasse is the fibrous material left over from the sugarcane extraction process of sugar factory industrial.

Bagasse can be used as fuel for furnaces, pulp, pressed into boards used in architecture,... In addition, bagasse is also used as a fuel in the steam-heating industry in boilers, providing electricity through gasification.

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With 10 kWh of energy one could, for example, heat 860 litres of water by about 10° C. The annual demand in respect of heating energy for a new house with a living area of approx. 150 m2 amounts to about 15,000 kWh. For which one requires about 1,500 litres of heating oil. The same energy is contained in 3 tonnes of pellets or in approx. 8 stere of hardwood 10 stere of softwood with a water content of 15%. (Source: LWF Bayern + W. Jensch: Vergleich von Energieversorgungssysteme unterschiedlicher Zentralisierung, Munich, Technischer Verlag Resch KG, 1988, DI J. Bergmair: Gesamtenergieaufwand bei der Herstellung von Hackgut bzw. Pellets, Graz University of Technology, May 1996.) * Amount required instead of 1 litre of heating oil.



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