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Boiler Fuel

Environmentally friendly boiler fuel

The boiler is one of the necessary equipment in today’s major industries. However, the use of boiler fuel also needs to be carefully studied. What is the type of raw material that should be used to burn the boiler? Both practical and safe for human health and environmental protection?

Commonly used boiler fuels

Fuel for rice husk pellets

This is one of the few gas materials that are said to be “cleanest” today. Because the content of sulfur and carbon in their composition is less than 0.02%, therefore, this boiler fuel is capable of significantly reducing emissions to the environment.

The cost of burning rice husk pellets can save up to 20, 30%. Compared to the cost of burning a boiler to operate machinery with fuels such as coal, oil.

The advantage of being a place to export rice – an abundant source of husks

The characteristics of rice husk pellets are minimal and light. That creates convenience in the process of transporting this boiler fuel source. In addition, rice husk pellets are not harmful to the incinerator. And always protect the life of the furnace, the equipment and machinery cost less maintenance.

With economic characteristics, our country is a major rice exporter in the world. The amount of rice husks discharged from the milling plants into the environment is vast. This is an abundant and regular supply. Therefore, companies and units are completely assured about the reserves of this fuel.

Fuel for pellets sawdust

Supplying raw materials for boiler combustion

Sawdust pellets are fuel derived from biomass materials such as shavings, sawdust, waste wood, etc. They are commonly used in industrial production. And this is said to be the fuel to burn the boiler, providing perfect heat for boiler systems of industrial parks and manufacturing plants. The characteristics of sawdust firewood are a diameter of 90mm, length of firewood from 200-300mm. Raw materials to create firewood 100% natural wood shavings sawdust. With humidity of 10-15%, the temperature can withstand 4600-4800 Kcal/kg. The ash is less than 2%; the product packaging is 30kg.

They were saving raw materials in industries that use wood-burning boilers. Operating costs are lower than coal, oil, gas, etc. Clean, environmentally friendly – is a “clean fuel” boiler fuel on the market today.

Advantages of using sawdust pellets as fuel for boiler combustion

Sawdust pellets also help save maintenance costs for equipment and machinery when burning raw materials. Along with that, this fuel is very safe for workers’ health. Because they do not contain the chemical composition of sulfur, phosphorus or nitrogen. So in the combustion process does not release oxides, does not produce acid rain.

In addition, with a simple loading method. The use of sawdust pellets helps to reduce the maximum labour cost for the production unit. In addition, using sawdust pellets does not produce much ash. Therefore, companies do not spend money on building premises to process ash.

Coal-burning boiler

Coal-burning boiler

Coal is a traditional fuel used in boilers for many years. The coal used in boiler combustion has many types of coal, specifically as follows:


Peat is the first form of plant in converting to coal and has a great deal of moisture. Peat has a moisture content that ranges from 30 to 90% of volatile matter. Volatility is about 70%, and ash is not as much as about 7 to 15% flammable.

Brown coal

It is the following finishing form after peat. The characteristics of brown coals range from an extensive range. The moisture content of coal ranges from 18 to 60%. Troll level is about 10 to 50%, and loading is about 30 to 55%. Brown coal is flammable, but the carbon content is low, so the calorific value is still not high. This coal is classified as a local fuel.


This is a coal with a relatively high age of formation. The characteristics also fluctuate over a reasonably wide range. Volatile matter varies from 2 to 55%, of which gaseous coal has a volatile value from 35 to 42%. Coal has an explosive substance from 18 to 26%, burns with a bright and short flame. Lean coal has less than 17% volatile, complex to burn, fast and yellow flame, non-sintering cup. Anthracite coal has the highest age of formation, with very little volatile matter. Fire for a light green flame, no smoke, so it is also called smokeless coal.

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Thus, today’s boiler fuel is diverse in fuel types, and each type of fuel creates a separate effect while in use. We hope that through the information we have just provided, customers will choose an appropriate energy, high yield and friendly to human health and the living environment.

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