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10 methods to optimize packing capacity

10 methods to optimize packing capacity
1. Collect product data right from the supply
Please receive all information related to the product such as: size, weight, shipping mode and safety requirements. This information will help you develop and implement effective, cost-effective and compliant packaging operations. This information ensures the proper use of packaging from the beginning, thereby training employees properly for long-term customers.
2. Plan packing and necessary materials
During packaging, materials may vary by product. Knowing every step of the process, the necessary materials (from packing boxes to the right seals) and how to use them to the things that are always available when you need them will help transport operations not interruption before unexpected orders or special requests from customers.
3. Learn the general rules
Always update packaging and labeling requirements for all shipped items. Small but very important factors such as materials, warning labels, staff training will have a great influence on the packaging process in particular and the transport process in general.
4. Bringing packaging becomes an important part of the budget
Make packaging a part of your business budget so you can always prepare for the entire process, avoiding changes in last-minute designs or packaging materials. budget causes waste.
5. Cooperate with experts
Partners specializing in packaging related fields such as customized designs or dangerous material shipments will support you very well in a number of special needs of customers. In cooperation with these experts, you will have packages suitable for the type of materials that need to be transported conveniently, while ensuring compliance with the regulations and other factors.
6. Minimize excess work
Enterprises need to understand the requirements of packaging, labeling and specific inspection of each item to identify unnecessary and redundant processes. These unnecessary operations and overloads will help shorten the packaging process, while reducing costs over the entire process.
7. Eliminate last-minute decisions
Planning, knowing about products and pre-packaging requirements, communicating relevant information with internal employees and supply chain partners will help you avoid mistakes and disruptions. suspect may occur during the transport of goods.
8. Use the right tools for the job
The complexity of the packaging process may vary depending on the type of product you ship. Especially for products that are classified as "dangerous" will require more stringent packaging regulations. Enterprises need to actively select the appropriate tools for each type of goods to be packaged, such as instructions for packing or adding shipping software to add automation stages during the packaging process.
9. Using advanced packaging
Some solutions have been developed optimally to create a basic protection layer for shipping boxes, while meeting the requirements without adding extra gel, lining, pellet or foam packs. . New canning technologies will help reduce the need for protective materials in the box.
10. Always creative
In the packaging industry, don't always do everything just because it's the traditional way that people do. Refine your packaging strategy and explore innovative solutions to improve this process. New technologies such as the use of special materials instead of standard carton boxes for transporting high-risk items, or simply evaluating and changing your packaging process, also create other Big difference in the whole process.
The strategy and packaging process of businesses helps to maintain the supply chain in the most efficient and smooth way. Above are 10 methods to optimize packaging productivity, businesses can refer and apply.
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