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Lighting standards in warehouses and factories

Lighting standards in warehouses and factories
Lighting system is the system that needs to be cared for right from the start of building warehouses and factories. The lighting system of the workshop may be a whole lighting system or it may be a combination of the lighting system and the natural light system. In this article, let's learn about general requirements for lighting environment that meet current standards !!
1. Light environment
  • Good lighting practices for the workplace. Ensure good vision. The lighting system must meet the following requirements:
  • Visual comfort, creating a pleasant feeling for the user
  • Safe for sight, easy to detect obstacles and dangerous when walking
2. Distribution of luminance in lighting space
  • The distribution of glare controls the adaptability of the eye
  • A well-balanced glare helps vision look accurate, contrast sensitivity, and the effectiveness of visual functions.
  • Too high glare will cause glare, eye strain, inhibition when working

3. Illuminance distribution in lighting space
  • Illuminance affects labor productivity.
  • Safety and comfort for people performing visual work.
4. Glare
  • Glare is the perception of the price due to the areas of bright light in the field of view and can be felt by glare.
  • To avoid causing fatigue, reduce work errors, avoid accidents while working, minimize glare.
5. Create appropriate lighting directions
  • The direction of illumination aims to illuminate the objects we want to observe.
  • Lighting should not be oriented too much because it can create bold shadows.
  • Lighting from a certain direction can make the details of the work that require high visual work clearer. Increase visibility and work done easier.

6. The color temperature of the light suitable for the job
  • The lights are classified into 3 groups according to the color temperature

Color temperature table

Light color Color temperature (k)
Warm White Lower than 3300k
Neutral white  3300 ~ 5300k
Cold white Greater than 5300k

7. Light color rendering suitable for each job
  • One important thing that affects productivity is color rendering. To objectively express the color rendering property, the general index is Ra.
  • The highest value of Ra is 100. This indicator decreases as the quality of light decreases.
  • Balls with an Ra index of less than 80 should not be used in areas with frequent lighting, or if someone stays for long periods of time.
8. Reduce the light flickering of light bulbs
  • Flicker causes distraction when working. The lighting system must be designed to avoid flicker and stroboscopic effects.
  • To avoid flicker, one can use DC power or use high frequency light bulbs.

Currently all LEC GROUP's warehouses meet the above mentioned lighting standards. In addition, Lec's warehouse system is also equipped with modern specialized facilities and equipment; camera systems; fire protection system in accordance with regulations. If you are looking for a prestigious and quality warehouse rental service, especially bulk warehouse, bulk cargoes, please contact us immediately to receive the latest deals!



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