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Procedures for export wood chips

Procedures for export wood chips
With the market being very "hot" as at present, the demand for wood chip export is huge. If you are still wondering about the export procedure for wood chips, you can join Lec Group for reference below!
Customs regulations, procedures and things to know for chip wood items:
1. Legal basis
  • Circular 01/2012 / TT-BNNPTNT: Regulations on legal forest product records.
  • Circular 40/2015 / TT-BNNPTNT: Amending and supplementing Circular 01/2012 / TT-BNNPTNT on forest product records.
  • Document 07 / VBHN-BNNPTNT (2016): Consolidation of legal forest product records and forest product inspection.
  • Circular 24/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT: promulgating the HS code table for specialized export and import goods under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

2. Wood chips wood chips are allowed to export
According to the Circular 24/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT replacing Circular No. 24/2016 / TT-BNNPTNT, there will be a list of HS products of natural wood and sawn timber from natural forest banned from export.
Appendix 07
(Issued together with Circular No. 24/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT dated November 15, 2017 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development)
In addition to this list, plantation wood and processed products such as plywood (plywood), wood pellet (wood pellet), wood chips wood chips are allowed to be exported.
3. HS code and export tax of wood chips wood chips
  • HS code of wood chips wood chips is 44012200
  • According to the 2018 import and export tariff, woodchip wood chips have an export tax of 2%.

4. Customs procedures for export wood chips wood chips
a. Is it necessary to prepare export forestry records?
  • According to Official Letter No. 2601 / GSQL-GQ1 dated October 25, 2017 Regarding export forest products records.
  • Last time, the General Department of Customs (Department of Supervision and Control of Customs) received reports of some local customs units about the submission / presentation of forest product records when implementing export procedures. for products that are fine art furniture, high quality wood products, processed wood products.
  • On the basis of the opinion of the Forest Protection Department - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Official Letter No. 657 / KL-DT dated October 17, 2017 regarding the application of timber and wood-based products for export, the Department Customs management supervisors have the following opinions:
- Proposing the provincial / municipal Customs Departments to base themselves on the current regulations and opinions of the Forest Ranger Department in Official Letter No. 657 / KL-DT dated October 17, 2017 to carry out export customs procedures for with lots of timber and wood products processed according to the law.
- The Department of Customs Supervision and Supervision - The General Department of Customs has opinions for the units to know and implement.
- In this document, the Forest Protection Department cited Clause 1, Article 8, Circular 04/2015 / TT-BNNPTNT dated February 12, 2015 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, guiding the implementation of a number of contents of the Decree. Decree 187/2013 / ND-CP dated November 20, 2013 of the Government detailing the Commercial Law regarding agent activities, buying, selling, processing and transiting goods with foreign countries in the agricultural sector, forestry and fisheries, accordingly, "Wood and wood-based products can only be exported when there is a legal forest product record in accordance with current regulations of the law (stipulated in Article 17 of Circular 01/2012 / TT-BNNPTNT). When exporting, traders declare goods to the Customs authorities in terms of quantity, types and take responsibility for the legal origin of timber ”. Circular 04/2015 / TT-BNNPTNT does not stipulate that enterprises must submit / produce forest products records when exporting.
b. Customs documentation according to Circular 39/2018 / TT-BTC
  • Customs dossiers for export of wood chips, suggest enterprises to read clause 5 article 1 of Circular 39/2018 / TT-BTC amending Article 16 TT38 / 2015.
  • In fact, when declaring attaching V5 electronic vouchers and if the customs office requests to produce documents for inspection, enterprises can attach the following documents:
- Contract Sales
- Forest inventory list certified by local Forest Protection Agency, County level, Sub-department ..
- List of forest products (self-made enterprises) according to form No. 01 in Circular 01/2012 / TT-BNNPTNT
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- Export consignment contract (if any)
Note, fumigation or plant quarantine is entirely required by the importing party. When doing customs procedures for export of wood chips wood chips, customs authorities will not require enterprises to fumigate or quarantine.
So through this article, you can be more confident in preparing dossiers and procedures for exporting forest products in general and woodchips in particular. If there are still questions that cannot be answered, LEC GROUP is always ready to support, consult customs procedures, provide warehousing and transshipment services for wood chip products. With practical experience and professionalism in Logistics services for many years, we will bring the highest value to the business.


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