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What is VAS in Logistics?

What is VAS in Logistics?
For many people, the name VAS is sometimes quite distant even though day by day, we still use it. So what is VAS service and why is it so close to us that we are not aware of? So let's Lec clarify everything about VAS in the article below.
1. What is VAS?
VAS (Valued Added Service) in the general definition is called Value Added Services. This term is commonly used in many areas such as telecommunications, mobile, logistics ... In addition to the basic features that the product or service you provide, VAS is the added value that makes your product available. more valuable, different than the opponent. Creating good and valuable VAS is that you have contributed to improving the competitiveness of your business, your country compared to other companies, other countries.
For example, if both companies provide the same quality product, you can absolutely create additional value to bring more benefits to your customers, help them feel satisfied. More complacent when using your goods or services.
In a time when competition is as fierce as it is today, creating more and more value for customers increases your influence in the market. Besides loyalty and the rate of re-use of products or services used by customers also increased.
For example, if you do business in clothing, you can create additional values ​​for your customers such as discount vouchers for future purchases, send birthday cards to VIP customers, and organizations. give away or win a lottery of valuable products ... These extra services are all called VAS.
2. VAS In Vietnam
Currently, VAS services are flourishing in many parts of the world including Vietnam. According to telecommunications experts, value-added services are contributing nearly 50% of the network's revenue. That proves the importance of this type of product, operators cannot live without VAS.
Forget about traditional sales that only provide products and look for new customers. Companies that know how to use VAS wisely will not only increase their reputation and trust but also make their product reuse rate significantly increase. Another way to say it is "your loyal customer."
3. VAS Management and Operation In Vietnam.
In order to manage and operate VAS well, you cannot do it alone but need a network of associates to help you create, update and verify the actual revenue that VAS brings.
An effective VAS employee needs to understand the needs of customers in order to satisfy and satisfy them when using their services. The VAS service you offer must be really valuable, and necessary, otherwise customers will easily feel cheated. The boundary between a quality VAS and a virtual VAS can be very fragile, so you need to put yourself in the customer's position to know what they need and want.
Plus, you need to "open-minded", have an open mind, learn and absorb new things from the outside world.
4. VAS In Logistics - Logistics services of LEC GROUP
In logistics, the term VAS (Additional Logistic Services) is similar. These are additional values ​​for customers when using Logistics services of your company.
The difference between traditional and modern logistics service providers is the number of additional services they are able to deliver to their customers.
In addition to basic logistics services such as STOCK / STORAGE, PORT SERVICE, TRANSFER PROJECTS, ... some additional services (VAS) that LEC GROUP provides to you are:
  • Dry bulk goods.
  • Store goods, pack.
  • Cargo handling services from ships
  • Customs clearance / customs: Clearance for bulk cargoes, cargoes / containers
  • Fully prepare customs declarations and procedures
  • Consultation on transactions with customs authorities
  • Solve any problems related to customs or other arising issues
  • Counting / weighing at the weighbridge.
We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to your success! Please contact LEC today to experience the most effective, professional and economical overall solutions of Logistics we bring !!

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