Instructions on BEST export customs declaration

Instructions on BEST export customs declaration

In the import and export process. Customs declaration of exports is an extremely important step. Goods cannot be exported to foreign countries unless you have completed customs clearance. In this article, LEC will guide in detail how to make customs declaration for exports. Stay tuned now to be sure of this process!

What does an export customs declaration include?

Export customs declarations used to declare information related to export goods lots include:

  • Border-gate customs unit.
  • Export companies, import companies.
  • Methods and means of transporting exported goods.
  • Name of goods, volume, the value of exported goods.
  • Tax obligations (if any, including export duties, special sales taxes, environmental protection taxes, VAT).
  • Customs directives for export shipments.

Instructions on how to make customs declaration for exports

Customs declaration of exports consists of 8 steps:

Step 1: Login and access the Ecus software

After logging in and accessing Ecus, click on "System" on the menu of the software. Next, click on "Select import-export enterprises" -> Enter the full parameters of the declared account and click "Select".

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Step 2: System setup

Before starting the declaration, you need to proceed to set the necessary parameters to connect to the customs system.

You progress to choose in the following order: "System -> Set parameters for VNACCS declaration -> Enter the information -> Record -> Check connection".

Step 3: Initialize the export declaration

First, you need to register a new export declaration by selecting the "Customs declaration -> Register new export declaration (EDA).

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Step 4: Fill in the information in the general information tab

One point to note during the input process when you click on any item, the bottom left corner of the declaration screen will appear "Instructions for input". You follow the instructions below to enter the full information for the necessary criteria.

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The initial information in the export customs declaration includes:

  • Code of type: enter the code of the type of exportation of the enterprise.
  • Customs office: select the declared customs unit.
  • Processing department code: select the correct part handling code to indicate which division the declaration is to be sent to the department, which team level of the customs sub-department selected in the customs office section, in case the sub-department has Many teams of different procedures.
  • Code of the mode of transportation: must select code appropriate to the form of transport of goods such as air, sea, rail, etc.

Information about the import and export unit on the customs declaration:

Enter the information of the exporter, import partner, customs clearance agent or trustee.

Bill of lading information of customs declarations:

Enter the full information about the freight. At the bill of lading box, fill in the following information:

  • Waybill number.
  • Number of packages
  • Gross weight (gross weight): Enter the total weight of the goods together with the unit weight.
  • The warehouse location code is waiting for clearance.
  • Last delivery location.
  • Location of loading: port of loading.
  • Means of transport: enter the means of transportation according to the mode of transportation selected above.
  • Expected delivery date: the date the vehicle departs.

Invoice information of export consignment:

Enter full information on the invoice of the goods about the invoice number, the date of issue, payment method, invoice value, delivery conditions. Enter the following:

  • Classification of invoice form: select classification of invoice form.
  • Invoice number: enter the invoice number.
  • Issue date: the date the invoice was issued.
  • Invoice classification code:

+ A: invoice price for payable goods.

+ B: invoice price for non-paid goods.

+ C: The invoice price of goods includes paid and non-paid goods.

+ D: other cases

  • Payment method: complete the form of payment signed.
  • Price invoice terms: choose delivery terms.
  • Currency code of the invoice: select the currency code by the invoice.

Taxes and guarantees on customs declarations:

  • Taxpayers will be exporters or customs declarants.
  • Code for determining tax payment time limit: information about tax guarantee and form of tax payment by customs declarants. Depending on the specific case, the declarant will enter information for this item.

+ The declarant needs to determine the code of the form of tax payment. If there are tax guarantee documents, choose the type of guarantee (there are 2 forms of guarantee: general guarantee and separate guarantee). After that, enter the complete guarantee registration information including guarantee code, year of registration, the symbol of voucher and number of vouchers.

+ In case the enterprise has no guarantee To pay taxes immediately, you choose the code D, pay immediately. At the same time, when declaring amendments and additions, the declarer must also choose the code "D" to be granted clearance after the implementation process of the temporary release of goods.

Shipping information:

This section shall apply to process enterprises, export production and export processing enterprises or priority enterprises, bringing goods into tax suspension warehouses with transportation declarations attached to the declarations. If this information is entered, it must be made into a set including date of shipment, transit place and date of arrival, if any, destination and destination.

Step 5: Fill in the "container information" section

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You enter information about the location of the queue and container list, an export declaration can enter up to 50 different containers.

Step 6: Fill in the information for the item "list"

Declare completely and accurately all goods names, trademarks, models, HS codes, origins, volumes, units, invoice prices, export tax codes, VAT rates and types of tax rates. other (if any).

On the list of goods, the box "Tax calculation value" and the "Export value TS (%)" are gray. You do not have to enter data of these two boxes, because according to normal VNACCS operation. Taxable values ​​and tax rates will be returned by the Customs system. In some special cases, the declarer can still enter the taxable value and tax rate by himself.

Step 7: Transmit the export customs declaration.

After checking the information on the electronic declaration correctly, proceed to make the declaration in advance (EDA), by logging in to the company's digital signature and receiving the declaration number and the declaration information...

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After successfully registering the pre-declaration information on the declaration form and checking the correct information the system returns. The declarant officially registers the declaration with the customs office, select the professional code "3. Official declaration of declaration (EDC) ”.

Step 8: Receive the results of channeling and print the export customs declaration.

When the declaration is successful, the declaration will be put into the conduct of goods clearance procedures. Enterprises continue to click on “4. Get the result of channeling, customs clearance "This function is similar to" Get feedback from Customs to get the results of the flow, customs fees, tax notice, and customs clearance of the declaration.

Above are all the detailed sharing of customs declaration of exports. Hopefully, after this article, you will gain a thorough understanding of this procedure.


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