What is Coal Bran? Uses of Coal Bran in Industry

What is Coal Bran? Uses of Coal Bran in Industry

For people working in coal production and supply. Then what are terms such as Coal Bran, what is 3A 4A 5A Coal Bran is not too strange, right? But for those who are learning about this aspect, or are new to coal. Then this is still a rather strange keyword. If you are not sure about this term, please immediately refer to the article below. Maybe it will be of great help to you.


What is Coal Bran

Coal bran is coal powder, which is powder from broken coal. Because of its shape like rice bran, this coal is called coal bran.

Uses of coal dust


Similar to conventional coal, coal bran is used regularly in production and life. Previously, coal dust was also used in the operation of steam locomotives and locomotives. Later, this type of coal is also used as fuel for thermal power plants, the metallurgy industry. Recently, coal also helps create products such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, artificial fibers.


Coal has the ability to absorb toxins. Therefore, it is called absorbed carbon or activated carbon. Ability to keep on the surface gases, vapors, solutes in solution. Many applications in water purifiers, sugar whitening, gas masks ...


Coal is not only a privileged product for economic development, raw materials for machinery and factories, fuel ... but also can be applied to art such as: used for sculpture, art painting ... For that, it is necessary to have craftsmen with high skills and ability to create good art.

Classification of coal bran

Like coal, lump coal, and bran coal there are many different types. Here is the classification of coal bran:

Coal Bran 3a

  • Size mm: 0 – 15.
  • VM (DB): Avg 6,5%.
  • TS (DB): Avg 0,6%, Max 0,8%.
  • Ash (DB): Avg 11,5% – Min 10,01 Max 13,00%.
  • TM: Avg 8,0%, Max 12,0%.
  • Calorific Value (DB): Min 7350 cal/g.

Coal Bran 4a

  • Size mm: 0 – 15.
  • VM (DB): Avg 6,5%.
  • TS (DB): Avg 0,5%, Max 0,7%.
  • Ash (DB): Avg 20% – Min 18,01 Max 22,00%.
  • TM: Avg 8,0%, Max 12,0%.
  • CV (DB): Min 6500 cal/g.

 Coal Bran 4A is used in many fields

Coal Bran 5a

  • Size mm: 0 – 15.
  • VM (DB): Avg 6,5%.
  • TS (DB): Avg 0,6%, Max 0,8%.
  • Ash (DB): Avg 30% – Min 26,01% Max 33,00%.
  • TM: Avg 8,0%, Max 12,0%.
  • CV (DB): Min 5500 cal/g.

Coal Bran 6a

  • Size mm: 0 – 15.
  • VM (DB): Avg 6,5%.
  • TS (DB): Avg 0,6%, Max 0,8%.
  • Ash (DB): Avg 36% – Min 33,01 Max 40,00%.
  • TM: Avg 8,0%, Max 12,0%.
  • CV (DB): Min 4850 cal/g.

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