What is logistics? Job positions in logistics

What is logistics? Job positions in logistics

What is logistics? Job position in logistics company is a question of many students, students and those who want to learn import and export and logistics because not everyone knows what logistics is. The concepts of logistics and logistics in schools are still theoretical and ambiguous. Therefore, this article will analyze in a simple and practical manner the logistics and logistics jobs.

What is logistics?

In the simplest terms, logistics is logistics. As part of supply chain management including planning, implementation, control arrangement, packaging, shipping, customs clearance for goods and efficient storage of goods and services delivered - receive goods on request, ...

Job positions in logistics

Currently, human resources for the logistics industry are seriously in shortage. However, the number of students studying this major is very scarce. Or those who are studying this field are quite vague when talking about specific jobs in logistics companies.

Các vị trí công việc trong ngành logistics

In fact, the logistics industry will include the following positions:

1. Import-export and logistics business staff

• The name itself speaks to the main task of this division: This is the "sales department" and the product being sold is the "shipping service".

• Sales department or salespeople are typically exposed to customers, must always know how to approach and promote the most buying behavior. The sales department not only creates revenue for businesses but also reputation and brand in the eyes of customers.

Các vị trí công việc trong ngành logistics

Specific work:

• Looking for customers in the fields: OCE, Air, domestic transport, import, and export.

• Direct access and advice to customers: Offering, drafting contracts, establishing contract signing procedures.

• Develop and maintain relationships with customers, partners ...

• Directly introduce the Company's services to customers.

• Take care of existing customers, find and develop new customers.

• Transact with customers as assigned, answer daily questions from customers via email and phone.

Knowledge and skills required:

• Basic knowledge about sales (sales), shipping ...

• Skills: handling situations, good communication, patience, and subtlety.

2. Documentary staff

• Import and Export Documentation staff is a suitable option for most of you who want to participate in Logistics because of its simple language requirements and professional qualifications.

• The document department has the main function of carrying out operations relating to import and export documents carried on board. This department is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the documents on the export-import goods on board before customs clearance, ensuring the delivery of goods to customers in accordance with legal procedures.

Specific work:

• Drafting and negotiating terms and conditions of import and export contracts.

• Check the validity of import documents before making payment.

• Tracking and updating itineraries of imported shipments (departure, return, storage, storage).

• Prepare a set of import clearance documents, a declaration of goods imports customs clearance to the inland.

• Checking the accuracy of the import dossier set for goods brought to the bonded warehouse and coordinating with the bonded warehouse bringing goods to the warehouse.

• Solving problems arising in the process of importing and unloading goods at ports and border gates.

• Prepare a set of shipping documents as required.

• Learn import and export procedures when required.

• Keeping records and vouchers.

• Other jobs as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Knowledge and skills required:

• Professional knowledge related to customs clearance, freight forwarding, and running orders

Skills: good foreign language, proficiency in office information, communication and handling situations flexibly, meticulously and responsibly

3. Purchasing staff

• Purchasing is a very learned profession and you have to keep up to date with prices as well as information about new materials constantly.

• In general, a procurement specialist must ensure that the company's materials and services for its production are purchased from reputable suppliers. The bottom line of the purchasing specialist is that they must find the maximum value for the company through negotiating time and cost with the supplier.

Các vị trí công việc trong ngành logistics

Specific work:

• Contact shipping lines to book cargo to port.

• Make international payments (LC opening, money transfer, etc.) to foreign beneficiaries.

• Preparing, checking customs clearance documents for imported goods invoice, packing list, CO, CQ ...) / consulting documents and direct consultation with Customs.

• Track order progress from transaction to delivery.

• Receive and respond to product complaints about suppliers

• Update daily inventory reports to the Board of Directors, Sales Department and customers

4. International payment staff

• The task of this position is to assist customers in performing international payment operations such as opening L / C, T / T transfer, D / P, checking valid documents, etc. Of course this position you must know about import-export and logistics to help import-export companies work better.

• The position of the international payment clerk requires you to be good at English, understanding standards such as UCP 600, other international principles. Generally working with a lot of documents and requires careful engineering.

Specific work:

• Prepare a debt statement for customers.

• Check and track debt details.

• Making payment records with customers

• Collation and review of data and documents on costs incurred in the Company's business operations.

• Prepare debt reports for domestic and foreign customers.

• Check and track debt details.

• Making international payment records.

• Collation and review of data and documents on revenues and expenses incurred in the Company's business operations.

• Check, track input invoices, declare VAT

• Accounting of arising economic transactions related to accounting software.

Knowledge and skills required:

• Specialization in related industries such as finance, banking, accounting, economics, foreign trade, etc.

• Skills: Proficient in foreign languages ​​(especially English), high pressure, responsible, disciplined, fluent in office information ...

5. Field staff

• Field staff is an appropriate option for new graduates because of their simple language requirements and professional qualifications.

• These are people who go directly to warehouses, airports, seaports to clear customs and receive goods from transportation companies. Field staff often work most for Forwarder companies and for Customs clearance service companies. Because it is a place often going out, it is more suitable for men than for women.

Các vị trí công việc trong ngành logistics

Specific tasks:

• Clearing customs procedures, checking goods at Customs Branches

• Working at ports, yards: choose container cover ...

• Coordinating between activities of staff at customs offices outside the border gates and border customs.

• Transacting with customers throughout the service delivery process

• Understand the goods and documents before going to the gate

• Follow the company's professional instructions.

• Implementation of import and export goods.

• Job details will be discussed at the interview.

Knowledge and skills required:

• Basic knowledge about customs procedures, freight forwarding, running orders, have experience in customs clearance of goods

• Skills: good command of English, good communication skills, problem-solving, good teamwork and independence, time management, scientific work, etc.

6. Forwarder/freight forwarder

• Delivery staff is responsible for all delivery of letters, parcels or goods.

• The forwarder is the person who organizes shipments according to the plan set by his superiors, ensuring the loading onto the vehicle and selecting the most suitable route to comply with the delivery deadline.

Các vị trí công việc trong ngành logistics

Specific tasks:

• Get documents, D / O from customers, shipping lines, logistics companies.

• After the customs clearance officer transmits the declaration successfully, the application will be received to continue completing the registration/declaration procedure at the Port / Airport / ICD.

• Carry out procedures for plant and animal quarantine, inspection, quality control, health care according to the requirements of each shipment.

• Doing procedures for freight forwarders/containers with port carriers. Track the performance of shippers with assigned shipments.

• Other jobs when required.

7. Warehouse and supply staff

• Warehouse management is one of the indispensable stages in the production and business process.

• Where is the product taken from, how much it is, how the warehouse is far from the center, how to deliver it, how to transport the goods ... All cannot happen spontaneously, but an employee warehouse with the skills, knowledge and sharp analysis to do the job so that it is most effective.

8. Port staff

• Port staff will be responsible for coordinating containers on board or from ship to port.

9. Customer care staff

• Customer care has become one of the vital elements of companies and requires a lot of investment in the effort as well as money.

• More specifically than other industries, the customer service staff in the logistics industry is not just a consultant, providing freight services for customers, it also requires you to constantly capture information. on the status of goods during transit for continuous updates to customers.

10. Customs officer

Known as the "hottest" income profession of all time, customs staff is always the job that attracts the attention of many young people.

The professional capacity of customs officers plays a very important role in ensuring the legality of import and export goods and the rotation of goods to prevent ports from becoming congested.

You can see, the work of the company Logistics companies are not simple and easy and require extremely high accuracy. However, this is also challenging and interesting work.

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